לינה בכר 
Dear Lina Bahar, Gan Tziporen School, and Susan Robinson, Gan Aleph / Greenfield Hebrew Academy;
On behalf of the Atlanta - Ra´anana Sister City Committee (ARSCC), I want to congratulate and thank you for the outstanding penpal and planting programs that you have developed.  The mission of the ARSCC is to create linkages between the City of Atlanta and Municipality of Ra´anana and twinning between the two ganim is a blessed example.  
My heart is touched by children in Atlanta and Ra´anana writing to each other and planting bushes to honor their fellow schools and mates.  The Gan Tziporen and Gan Aleph program breeds hope for a future in which our two cities will continue to build on the strong friendship that has already been forged.  Your students are fortunate to have such creative, enthusiastic and gifted teachers.  I and the ARSCC salute your vision, hard work and extraordinary schools and students.  Please feel free to contact me for assistance or support.  
Dr. Arnold Heller
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